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Name Raylee

Meaning:rye fieldTools:

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About the name Raylee in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2017 rank:#879     ... 879:Jessa, 880:Raquel, 881:Raylee, 882:Zainab, 883:Chana ...     Full US 2017 list
Similarly written:Baylee, Braylee, Caylee, Haylee, Jaylee, Kaylee, Maylee, Rylee, Rylee, Zaylee     Details
Group info:

About Riley/Riley, the group of names with the same origin as Raylee

Meaning/translation:rye field
Language of origin:Old English
Info about origin, male:from a family name deriving from a place name meaning rye field
Words:ryge = the rye (a kind of grain)  Old English
 leah = the wood (in the sense of forest), the clearing (open place within a wood), the meadow  Old English
Topics:Family name, Geographic name
Variants' top ranks:4:Riley Scotland 2012,  22:Riley USA 2016,  100:Rylee Canada/BC 2010,  161:Ryleigh USA 2017,  194:Ryley Scotland 2011,  316:Rylie USA 2008,  620:Reilly USA 1997,  723:Rylee USA 2010,  806:Reilly USA 1997,  879:Raylee USA 2017
Name variants:Raylee, Reilly, Riley, Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie, Reilly, Riley, Rylee, Ryley   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Raylee

USA yearlyGraph2017 8792012 933