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Name Malia

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About the name Malia in particular

Languages of use:Hawaii
US 2017 rank:#215     ... 213:Alana, 214:Michelle, 215:Malia, 216:Rebecca, 217:Brooklynn ...     Full US 2017 list
Similarly written:Aalia, Alia, Amalia, Dalia, Maia, Malea, Mali, Maliah, Malik, Malika     Details
Group info:

About Mary, the group of names with the same origin as Malia

Meaning/translation:maybe bitterness
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin:as the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus, a symbol for pure and deep love
 the meaning of the name is disputed; maybe it means bitterness
 another possibility is an Egyptian origin with the name derived from mry (beloved)
 Maria is the Greek/Latin original form, Mirjam the older Aramaic/Hebrew form
 probably the most often used Christian female name
Words:mirjam = the bitterness  Aramaic
 mry = the beloved  Egyptian
Topics:Old Testament
Variants' top ranks:1:Maria Germany 1998,  1:María Madrid 1998,  1:Marie Germany 2017,  1:Mary England+Wales 1914,  1:Marija Macedonia 2011,  1:Mariana Colombia 2011,  1:Mia Germany First 2015,  1:Mária Hungary 2014,  1:Mía Puerto Rico 2014,  1:Mariami Georgia 2016
Somehow related to:Mariano/Mariana, Marielena, Marlene
Old/original forms:Maria Latin, Mariam Old Greek, Mariamne Hebrew, Mirjam Aramaic
Name variants:Maaike, Maï, Maija, Maika, Maike, Maiken, Máire, Mairi, Máirín, Majken, Maleah, Malia, Maliah, Mamie, Manca, Manja, Manon, Mara, Maraike, Marei, Mareika, Mareike, Mareile, Mari, Mari, Maria, María, Mária, Mariah, Mariam, Mariam, Mariami, Marian, Mariana, Mariane, Marica, Marie, Marieke, Mariel, Mariela, Mariele, Mariell, Mariella, Marielle, Marietta, Mariette, Marija, Marijke, Marika, Marike, Marilyn, Mariola, Marion, Mariona, Marisa, Marishka, Mariska, Marissa, Marita, Maritta, Maritza, Mariya, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariyka, Marja, Marja, Marjatta, Marjet, Marusa, Marusha, Marushka, Mary, Marya, Maryam, Masa, Mascha, Masha, Maureen, May, Meeri, Meike, Meriem, Merjem, Mery, Meryem, Mhairi, Mia, Mía, Miah, Mie, Mieke, Mija, Mimi, Mimmi, Minnie, Miriam, Mirijam, Mirja, Mirjam, Miya, Moira, Mollie, Molly, Monja, Moyra, Myah, Myriam, Myrjam, Polly, Ria, Riana   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Malia

SwitzerlandGraph2016 1222015 165,  2014 165
Switzerland/GermanGraph2016 1222015 153,  2014 137,  2013 192
USA decades 1990-1999 918
USA yearlyGraph2017 215,  2016 258,  2015 313,  2014 345,  2013 334,  2012 354,  2011 314,  2010 302,  2009 1912008 343,  2007 400,  2006 405,  2005 418,  2004 449,  2003 426,  2002 427,  2001 476,  2000 497,  1999 584,  1998 653,  1997 700,  1996 780,  1995 857,  1994 971
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