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Name Madelynn

Meaning:of MagdalaTools:

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About the name Madelynn in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2015 rank:#415     ... 413:Macy, 414:Miracle, 415:Madelynn, 416:Briana, 417:Freya ...     Full US 2015 list
Similarly written:Adelynn, Madalynn, Madelyn, Madilynn, Adalynn, Adelyn, Adilynn, Jaelynn, Kaelynn, Katelynn     Details
Group info:

About Magdalena, the group of names with the same origin as Madelynn

Meaning/translation:of Magdala
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin:in the Bible Maria Magdalene is a disciple of Jesus
 she was called thus because she was from the town of Magdala on the sea of Galilee
 the name of the city derives from the Hebrew/Aramaic word for tower
Words:migdal = the tower  Hebrew
Topics:Geographic name, New Testament
Variants' top ranks:3:Malin Norway 1998,  8:Lene Denmark 2015,  8:Madalina Moldova 2015,  10:Alena Czechia 2015,  11:Magdalena Munich 2014,  14:Madalena Portugal 2012,  18:Magdolna Hungary 2014,  34:Malene Denmark 1996,  43:Madeleine Sweden 1998,  50:Madeline USA 1998
Somehow related to:Marielena, Marlene
Name variants:Alena, Alene, Leentje, Lena, Lene, Lenka, Madalena, Madalina, Madalyn, Madalynn, Maddalena, Madelaine, Madelane, Madeleine, Madelen, Madelena, Madeline, Madelyn, Madelynn, Madilyn, Madilynn, Madlaina, Madleen, Madleine, Madlen, Madlena, Madlene, Magda, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdalene, Magdolna, Malene, Malin, Malina   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Madelynn

USA yearlyGraph2015 415,  2014 438,  2013 400,  2012 398,  2011 403,  2010 398,  2009 3732008 387,  2007 471,  2006 550,  2005 548,  2004 547,  2003 541,  2002 519,  2001 536,  2000 541,  1999 652,  1998 629,  1997 943