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Name Luciana

Meaning:the bright; born at daybreakTools:

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About the name Luciana in particular

Languages of use:Italian
US 2016 rank:#434     ... 432:Megan, 433:Margot, 434:Luciana, 435:Mallory, 436:Millie ...     Full US 2016 list
Similarly written:Lucian, Luciane, Luciano, Lucijana, Lucina, Auriana, Daciana, Iuliana, Juliana, Liana     Details
Group info:

About Lucius/Lucia, the group of names with the same origin as Luciana

Meaning/translation:the bright; born at daybreak
Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin, male:in Roman times a very popular given name, a praenomen
 derived from lux (light), can thus be interpreted as to mean the bright or born at daybreak
 Lucianus is a derivation of Lucius
 until now there were 3 popes with the name Lucius
Words:lux = the light  Latin
Topics:Popes, Roman given name
Variants' top ranks:1:Lucía Spain 2016,  1:Lucija Croatia 2012,  3:Lucy Scotland 2007,  3:Luciana Colombia 2016,  4:Luca Hungary 2015,  7:Lucie Belgium 2014,  21:Lucia Argentina 2014,  23:Lucja Warsaw 2016,  27:Luciano Chile 2016,  48:Lucian Romania 2009
Somehow related to:Luz
Old/original forms:Lucia Latin, Lucilla Latin, Lucianus Latin, Lucius Latin
Name variants:Luca, Luce, Luci, Lucia, Lucía, Lúcia, Luciana, Luciane, Lucie, Lucienne, Lucija, Lucijana, Lucila, Lucile, Lucilla, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucja, Lucy, Lula, Lusia, Luzia, Luzie, Lucian, Luciano, Lucien, Lucio, Lucius, Lucjan, Luzian, Luzius   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Luciana

Brazil prevalence 2013 13
Chile 2016 38
ColombiaGraph2016 3,  2015 3
Mexico 2013 94
Peru 2012 9
PortugalGraph2015 85,  2014 83
Uruguay/MontevideoGraph2010 15,  2009 17,  2008 15
USA yearlyGraph2016 4342015 468,  2014 468,  2013 513,  2012 555,  2011 565,  2010 692,  2009 682,  2008 742,  2007 825,  2006 928
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