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Name Kylian

Meaning:maybe war, strifeTools:

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About the name Kylian in particular

Languages of use:German, English
US 2016 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Kelian, Kilian, Kylan, Kyllian, Aylin, CĂ©lian, Cylia, Dylan, Dylan, Dyllan     Details
Group info:

About Cillian, the group of names with the same origin as Kylian

Meaning/translation:maybe war, strife
Language of origin:Old Irish
Info about origin:origin not known for sure, either from Old Irish ceallach (war, strife) or from ceall (church)
 known from Saint Cillian, an Irish saint who evangelized Franconia (7th century AD)
Words:ceallach = the war, the strife  Celtic
 ceall = the church, the monastery  Old Irish
Variants' top ranks:20:Cillian Ireland 2014,  38:Kylian France 2008,  42:Killian France 2003,  43:Kilian Austria 2010,  100:Kyllian France 2005,  289:Kelian France 2002,  464:Kelyan France 2002,  472:Kilyan France 2002
Old/original forms:Ceallach Celtic
Name variants:Cillian, Kelian, Kelyan, Kilian, Killian, Kilyan, Kylian, Kyllian   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Kylian

BelgiumGraph2007 87,  2006 100,  2005 87
FranceGraph2012 47,  2011 44,  2010 45,  2009 41,  2008 382007 46,  2006 40,  2005 43,  2004 51,  2003 67,  2002 75,  2001 100
Switzerland 1997 611
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