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Name Keyla

Meaning:descendant of CaollaidheTools:

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About the name Keyla in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2018 rank:#764     ... 762:Bria, 763:Thalia, 764:Keyla, 765:Haisley, 766:Ryann ...     Full US 2018 list
Similarly written:Kayla, Keila, Kyla, Leyla, Ayla, Ayla, Béla, Bella, Beula, Beyza     Details
Group info:

About Kayley, the group of names with the same origin as Keyla

Meaning/translation:descendant of Caollaidhe
Language of origin:Old Irish
Info about origin:from an Irish family name Ó Caollaidhe (descendant of Caollaidhe)
 the family name derives from the word caol (narrow, slender)
 the name variant Kayla is rather popular in the US at the moment
Words:caol = narrow, slender  Old Irish
Topics:Family name
Variants' top ranks:11:Kayla USA 1996,  26:Kaylee USA 2009,  40:Kayleigh Scotland 1998,  10:Kailey Malta 2013,  10:Kaleigh Malta 2013,  182:Cali Scotland 2018,  263:Caylee USA 2009,  281:Kaylie USA 2006,  333:Kaelyn USA 2009,  372:Kaylin USA 2009
Name variants:Cailyn, Caleigh, Cali, Calleigh, Cayla, Caylee, Kaelyn, Kaelynn, Kaila, Kailee, Kailey, Kailyn, Kailynn, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kalie, Kallie, Kalyn, Kayla, Kaylah, Kaylan, Kaylee, Kayleen, Kayleigh, Kaylen, Kaylene, Kayley, Kayli, Kaylie, Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kaylynn, Keeley, Keely, Keily, Keyla   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Keyla

USA yearlyGraph2018 764,  2017 788,  2016 682,  2015 805,  2014 866,  2013 804,  2012 841,  2011 747,  2010 6782009 786,  2008 775,  2007 860,  2006 837,  2005 890,  2004 908,  2003 958,  2002 856