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Name Gregorio

Meaning:the watchfulTools:

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About the name Gregorio in particular

Languages of use:Spanish, Italian
US 2017 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Gregoria, Gregor, Gregory, Grégory, Grigori, Grigorij     Details
Group info:

About Gregory/Gregoria, the group of names with the same origin as Gregorio

Meaning/translation:the watchful
Language of origin:Old Greek
Info about origin, male:late Roman cognomen with a Greek origin
 popular among the early Christians, interpreted as watchfully awaiting the return of Jesus
 in the Middle Ages a very popular name for popes
 until now there were 16 popes with this name
Words:gregoros = watchful, alert  Old Greek
Topics:Popes, Roman nickname
Variants' top ranks:8:Gergö Hungary 2012,  10:Joris Lithuania 2017,  11:Grzegorz Poland 2012,  19:Gregor Estonia 2016,  23:Gregory USA 1960-1969,  38:Gergely Hungary 2003,  61:Greg Scotland 1998,  86:Grégory France 1998,  96:Grégoire France 1998,  195:Gregg USA 1960-1969
Old/original forms:Gregorios Old Greek, Gregorius Latin
Name variants:Gregoria, Jorina, Jorinde, Gergely, Gergö, Gergõ, Greg, Gregg, Grégoire, Gregor, Gregorio, Gregory, Grégory, Grigori, Grigorij, Grischa, Grzegorz, Joris   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Gregorio

USA decades 1990-1999 860
USA yearlyGraph1998 927,  1997 909,  1996 856,  1995 917,  1994 787,  1993 765