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Name Ferenc

Meaning:little FrenchmanTools:

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About the name Ferenc in particular

Languages of use:Hungarian
US 2016 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Beren, Ceren, Eren, Faren, Fern, Frenk, Lorenc, Serena, Sereno, Terence     Details
Group info:

About Francis/Franziska, the group of names with the same origin as Ferenc

Meaning/translation, female:little Frenchwoman
Meaning/translation, male:little Frenchman
Language of origin:Italian
Info about origin, male:originally a nickname Francesco (little frenchman) for Giovanni Bernardone, known as Saint Francis of Assisi
Words:francesco = the little frenchman  Italian
Topics:Short form
Variants' top ranks:1:Franz Austria 2015,  1:Francesco Italy 2016,  3:Francisco Portugal 2016,  3:Franciszek Warsaw 2016,  3:Francisca Brazil 2013,  4:Francis Philippines 2015,  4:Franziska Germany/East 1992,  4:Fanni Hungary 2003,  6:Francesca Italy 2004,  7:Françoise France 2011
Name variants:Fanni, Fannie, Fanny, Fran, Frances, Francesca, Franchesca, Francheska, Francine, Francisca, Françoise, Franzi, Fränzi, Franziska, Ferenc, Fran, Frana, Francesco, Francis, Francisco, Franciscus, Franciszek, François, Franjo, Frans, Frantisek, Franz, Franziskus, Paco, Pancho   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Ferenc

HungaryGraph2016 51,  2015 54,  2014 53,  2013 51,  2012 55,  2011 54,  2010 50,  2009 51,  2008 49,  2007 47,  2006 45,  2005 45,  2004 43,  2003 41,  2002 39
Hungary prevalence 2014 8