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Name Eirik


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About the name Eirik in particular

Languages of use:Scandinavian
US 2015 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Eiril, Eirin, Emrik, Enrik, Erik, Airi, Airi, Airi, Arik, Arik     Details
Group info:

About Eric/Erica, the group of names with the same origin as Eirik

Language of origin:Old Norse
Info about origin, female:the name as female form of Erich fused with the identically written name deriving from the German/Latin name for heather (the plant)
 the name only became popular towards the end of the 18th century
Info about origin, male:well know as name of Swedish rulers
 Erik is one of the most frequent names in Sweden
Words:aen = alone, lone  Old Norse
 rikr = the ruler  Old Norse
Topics:Two-element name
Variants' top ranks:2:Erik Sweden 1998,  6:Eric Armenia 2012,  8:Erika Mexico 2006,  16:Erica Philippines 2005,  21:Eirik Norway 1999,  24:Erich Austria 2015,  28:Erkki Finland 2014,  33:Eero Finland/Finnish 2007,  42:Erick Brazil 2010,  47:Eryk Warsaw 2011
Somehow related to:Erika
Old/original forms:Airikr Old Norse
Name variants:Erica, √Črica, Ericka, Erika, Erykah, Aric, Arik, Eero, Eirik, Eric, Erich, Erick, Erico, Erik, Erkki, Eryk, Jerker   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Eirik

NorwayGraph2015 57,  2014 68,  2013 53,  2012 50,  2011 35,  2010 44,  2009 37,  2008 31,  2007 27,  2006 31,  2005 22,  2004 22,  2003 27,  2002 30,  2001 22,  2000 23,  1999 211998 25,  1997 22
Norway prevalence 2015 42