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Name Catalina

Meaning:maybe the pureTools:

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About the name Catalina in particular

Languages of use:Spanish
US 2013 rank:#394     ... 393:Macie, 394:Aleah, 395:Catalina, 396:Nayeli, 397:Daphne ...     Full US 2013 list
Similarly written:Catalina, Catalin, Catarina, Katalina, Natalina, Calina, Carlina, Carolina, Cataleya, Caterina     Details
Group info:

About Katherine, the group of names with the same origin as Catalina

Meaning/translation:maybe the pure
Language of origin:Old Greek
Info about origin:of debated origin; the Romans (falsely) interpreted it as deriving from Greek katharos (pure) and gave the name the form Katharina
 known from Saint Katharina of Alexandria (3th/4th century AD)
Words:katharos = pure  Old Greek
Topics:14 Holy Helpers
Variants' top ranks:1:Katharina Germany/West 1986,  1:Katrín Iceland 2013,  2:Katie Ireland 2004,  3:Catalina Chile 2007,  4:Kathrin Germany/West 1979,  5:Kathleen England+Wales 1914,  5:Katrine Denmark 1996,  7:Katarina Belgrade 2007,  7:Katrina Latvia 2009,  7:Caitlin Scotland 1999
Somehow related to:Catalin, Karin
Old/original forms:Aikaterine Old Greek, Cateline Old French, Katharina Latin
Name variants:Caitlin, Caitlyn, Caitriona, Catalina, Catalina, Catarina, Catera, Caterina, Catharina, Catherina, Catherine, Cathérine, Cathleen, Cathrin, Cathrina, Cathrine, Cathy, Catia, Catrin, Catrina, Catriona, Ekaterina, Jekaterina, Kaat, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Kari, Kata, Katalin, Katalina, Katariina, Katarina, Katarzyna, Kate, Käte, Katelin, Katelyn, Katelynn, Katerina, Katerina, Katharina, Katharine, Käthe, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn, Kathinka, Kathleen, Kathrin, Kathrina, Kathrine, Kathryn, Kathy, Katia, Katia, Katica, Katie, Katina, Katinka, Katja, Katjana, Katjuscha, Katjusha, Katlin, Katlyn, Katlynn, Katrien, Katrijn, Katrin, Katrín, Katrina, Katrine, Katy, Katya, Kerrin, Ketty, Kitti, Kitty, Nienke, Riina, Tina, Tinka, Trine, Yekaterina   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Catalina

ArgentinaGraph2009 14
Argentina/Buenos AiresGraph2012 9,  2010 72006 14
ChileGraph2013 11,  2012 9,  2011 8,  2010 9,  2009 6,  2008 5,  2007 3
RomaniaGraph2009 46
USA decadesGraph1990-1999 873
USA yearlyGraph2013 3942012 476,  2011 646,  2010 683,  2009 600,  2008 704,  2007 711,  2006 690
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