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Name Carley

Origin:From a Old High German word for man, husbandTools:

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About the name Carley in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2012 rank:#938     ... 938:Aubrielle, 939:Bayleigh, 940:Carley, 941:Kailynn, 942:Katrina ...     Full US 2012 list
Similarly written:Carey, Carlee, Carly, Charley, Harley, Harley, Karley, Marley, Marley, Adley     Details
Group info:

About Karl/Charlotte/Carla, the group of names with the same origin as Carley

Language of origin:Old High German
Info about origin, female:diminutive of Charles and thus also a female form of this name
Info about origin, female:the variant Carol is probably chosen by parents because of the common English word carol (Christmas song)
Info about origin, male:old Germanic name
 known from the famous king Charles the Great, also called Charlemagne (8th/9th century AD)
 only in the 19th century the name became really popular
Words:karal = the man, the husband  Old High German
Variants' top ranks:2:Charlotte Australia/NSW 2012,  2:Lotte Netherlands 2007,  4:Charlie England+Wales 2012,  4:Caroline Denmark 2008,  4:Karolína Czechia 2012,  5:Carla Spain 2008,  6:Carlos Chile 2012,  7:Charles England+Wales 1904,  7:Carol England+Wales 1954,  8:Carolina Portugal 2012
Somehow related to:Charles
Old/original forms:Carolus Latinized
Name variants:Carla, Carlee, Carleigh, Carley, Carli, Carlie, Carlina, Carlota, Carlotta, Carly, Carol, Carola, Carole, Carolien, Carolin, Carolina, Caroline, Carolyn, Carolyne, Carri, Carrie, Carry, Charla, Charlee, Charleen, Charleigh, Charlene, Charlène, Charley, Charli, Charlie, Charline, Charlott, Charlotta, Charlotte, Karla, Karlee, Karley, Karli, Karlie, Karlotta, Karly, Karola, Karoliina, Karolin, Karolina, Karolína, Karoline, Lien, Lotta, Lotte, Lotti, Carl, Carlito, Carlo, Carlos, Charles, Charlie, Charly, Chaz, Chuck, Kaarlo, Kale, Kalle, Karel, Karl, Karlis, Karol, Károly   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Carley

USA decades1990-1999 474
USA yearly2012 938,  2011 890,  2010 755,  2009 729,  2005 483,  2002 491,  2001 457,  2000 416,  1999 451,  1998 389,  1997 381,  1996 3761995 418,  1994 411