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Name Avah

Meaning:live, living, the enliveningTools:

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About the name Avah in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2015 rank:#659     ... 657:Jayden, 658:Kailyn, 659:Avah, 660:Kenley, 661:Aviana ...     Full US 2015 list
Similarly written:Adah, Anah, Anah, Ava, Ava     Details
Group info:

About Eve, the group of names with the same origin as Avah

Meaning/translation:live, living, the enlivening
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin:in the Bible Adam and Eve are the first humans
Words:chayah = living, to live  Hebrew
Topics:Old Testament
Variants' top ranks:1:Eva Slovenia 2014,  1:Ava Canada/BC 2008,  5:Éva Hungary 2014,  7:Ieva Lithuania 2011,  8:Ewa Poland 2012,  8:Eevi Finland/Finnish 2015,  10:Evie England+Wales 2010,  11:Evi Netherlands 2015,  13:Havva Turkey 2013,  20:Yeva Moscow 2014
Old/original forms:Chavah Hebrew, Chawa Hebrew
Name variants:Ava, Avah, Awa, Eabha, Eevi, Eva, Éva, Eve, Evi, Evie, Evita, Evy, Ewa, Havva, Hawa, Ieva, Yeva   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Avah

USA yearlyGraph2015 6592014 708,  2013 785,  2012 817,  2011 890,  2010 830,  2009 924,  2008 979