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Language Old Persian: Names And Words

Description:Old Persian, the Indoeuropean language of old Persia, since around 1000 BC, ancestor of the modern language of Iran
WordLanguageTranslationsName Groups
aOld Persianun (negation, like in e.g. unable)Anahita
ahitOld PersianuncleanAnahita
ardaOld PersianrighteousArda
barOld Persianto manageJasper
darayaOld Persianto possess, hold, to maintainDarius/Daria
ghazOld Persianthe treasureJasper
goharOld Persianthe jewelGohar
jasaminOld Persianthe jasmine (the plant/flower jasmine)Jasmin/Jasmine
mihrOld Persianthe friendMithra
mirzaOld Persianthe princeMirza
nilOld Persianindigo (of a dark-blue color)Lilac, Lilas
nilakOld PersianbluishLilac, Lilas
pairikaOld Persianthe fairyParisa
parvinOld Persianthe Pleiades (a group of seven stars in the sky)Parvin
ranaOld Persianto fightTigran
raoxsnaOld Persianbright, the dawnRoxana
sarOld Persianthe headSerkan
shirinOld Persiansweet, charmingShirin
sitaraOld Persianthe starSitara
starOld Persianthe starEsther
taranaOld Persianthe songTarana
tigraOld Persianthe arrowTigran
vahuOld PersiangoodDarius/Daria
vrdaOld Persianthe roseRose
zarparanOld Persianthe saffron (a plant / flower)Zafran
zomorrodOld Persianthe emerald (a green gemstone)Zamrud