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Language Old Greek: Names And Words

Description:Old Greek, the language of classic Greece, ancestor of modern Greek, since around 1000 BC until around 300 AD
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2017
KatiaKatherineOld GreekPortuguese, Spanishmaybe the pure 
KaticaKatherineOld GreekSlavicmaybe the pure 
KatieKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure#408
KatinaKatherineOld GreekGermanmaybe the pure 
KatinkaKatherineOld GreekRussianmaybe the pure 
KatjaKatherineOld GreekGerman, Russianmaybe the pure 
KatjanaKatherineOld GreekGermanmaybe the pure 
KatjuschaKatherineOld GreekRussianmaybe the pure 
KatjushaKatherineOld GreekRussianmaybe the pure 
KatlinKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure 
KatlynKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure 
KatlynnKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure 
KatrienKatherineOld GreekDutchmaybe the pure 
KatrijnKatherineOld GreekDutchmaybe the pure 
KatrinKatherineOld GreekGermanmaybe the pure 
KatrínKatherineOld GreekIcelandicmaybe the pure 
KatrinaKatherineOld GreekGermanmaybe the pure 
KatrineKatherineOld GreekDutch, Scandinavian, Polishmaybe the pure 
KatyKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure 
KatyaKatherineOld GreekRussianmaybe the pure 
KerrinKatherineOld GreekGerman, Frisianmaybe the pure 
KettyKatherineOld GreekItalianmaybe the pure 
KhloeChloeOld GreekEnglishgreen shoot, young shoot#137
KimonKimonOld GreekGreek  
KirilCyrill/CyrielleOld GreekBulgarianWords: lord 
KirillCyrill/CyrielleOld GreekEstonianWords: lord 
KirillCyrill/CyrielleOld GreekRussianWords: lord 
KittiKatherineOld GreekHungarianmaybe the pure 
KittyKatherineOld GreekEnglishmaybe the pure 
KlaasNicholas/NicoleOld GreekGerman, Dutch, Low Germanvictory of the people 
KlaesKlausOld GreekFrisian  
KlausKlausOld GreekGerman  
KleaCleaOld GreekAlbanianWords: glory 
KleopasCleopas/CleophaOld GreekGermanglory of the father 
KleopatraKleopatraOld GreekGermanWords: glory / father 
KleophaCleopas/CleophaOld GreekGermanglory of the father 
KleopheaCleopas/CleophaOld GreekGermanglory of the father 
KletusCletusOld GreekGermanfamous 
KloeChloeOld GreekEnglishgreen shoot, young shoot 
KoljaNicholas/NicoleOld GreekRussianvictory of the people 
KolosKlausOld GreekHungarian  
KorinaCorinnaOld GreekEnglishmaiden, virgin 
KorinnaCorinnaOld GreekGermanmaiden, virgin 
KorinneCorinnaOld GreekGermanmaiden, virgin 
KrisChristophOld GreekGerman, Englishcarrying Christ 
KristofChristophOld GreekScandinaviancarrying Christ 
KristófChristophOld GreekHungariancarrying Christ 
KristoferChristophOld GreekScandinavian, Englishcarrying Christ 
KristóferChristophOld GreekIcelandiccarrying Christ 
KristofferChristophOld GreekScandinaviancarrying Christ 
KristopherChristophOld GreekEnglishcarrying Christ#677
KrisztoferChristophOld GreekHungariancarrying Christ 
KrystofChristophOld GreekCzechcarrying Christ 
KrysztofChristophOld GreekPolishcarrying Christ 
KrzysztofChristophOld GreekPolishcarrying Christ 
KseniaXeniaOld GreekRussianhospitality 
KseniyaXeniaOld GreekRussianhospitality 
KyreeKyrieOld GreekEnglishLord#578
KyreneKyreneOld GreekGerman, English  
KyrieKyrieOld GreekEnglishLord#215
KyrillCyrill/CyrielleOld GreekGermanWords: lord 
KyrillusCyrill/CyrielleOld GreekGermanWords: lord 
LaiaEulalio/EulaliaOld GreekCatalanto talk well 
LaineyHelenOld GreekEnglishmaybe the torch#510
LaísLaísOld GreekPortuguese  
LalieEulalio/EulaliaOld GreekFrenchto talk well 
LaneyHelenOld GreekEnglishmaybe the torch#667
LarisaLarissaOld GreekGerman, Russianmaybe the lovely 
LarissaLarissaOld GreekGerman, Russianmaybe the lovely 
LeanLeander/LeandraOld GreekGermanmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LeanderLeander/LeandraOld GreekGermanmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LeandraLeander/LeandraOld GreekItalianmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LéandreLeander/LeandraOld GreekFrenchmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LeandroLeander/LeandraOld GreekItalianmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man#718
LeandrosLeander/LeandraOld GreekGreekmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LeanoLeander/LeandraOld GreekGermanmaybe man of the people (?), lion of a man 
LedaLedaOld GreekGerman, English  
LeenaHelenOld GreekFinnishmaybe the torch 
LekaAlexander/AlexandraOld GreekAlbanianhe who wards off (other) men, defender of men 
LenaHelenOld GreekGerman, Scandinavianmaybe the torch#304
LénaHelenOld GreekHungarianmaybe the torch 
LeniHelenOld GreekGermanmaybe the torch 
LeniaHelenOld GreekRussianmaybe the torch 
LenioHelenOld GreekGreekmaybe the torch 
LenjaHelenOld GreekRussianmaybe the torch 
LenkaHelenOld GreekPolish, Czechmaybe the torch 
LennaHelenOld GreekEstonianmaybe the torch 
LenyHelenOld GreekGermanmaybe the torch 
LenyaHelenOld GreekRussianmaybe the torch 
LeonidLeonid/LeonidaOld GreekGerman, Russianson of Léon, son of the lion 
LeonidaLeonid/LeonidaOld GreekItalianson of Léon, son of the lion 
LeonidasLeonid/LeonidaOld GreekEnglishson of Léon, son of the lion#496
LeonidoLeonid/LeonidaOld GreekSpanish, Italianson of Léon, son of the lion 
LexAlexander/AlexandraOld GreekGerman, Englishhe who wards off (other) men, defender of men 
LexiAlexander/AlexandraOld GreekEnglishhe who wards off (other) men, defender of men#341
LexieAlexander/AlexandraOld GreekEnglishhe who wards off (other) men, defender of men#782
LexisAlexis/AlexisOld GreekEnglishthe defender 
LexusAlexis/AlexisOld GreekEnglishthe defender 
LidiaLydiaOld GreekGerman, Englishwoman from Lydia 
LidijaLydiaOld GreekSlavicwoman from Lydia