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Language Old French: Names And Words

Description:Old French, ancestor of modern French, descendant of Latin, from around a 900 AD until around 1400 AD
Family/group:Romance family
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2016
TraceyTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TraceyTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TraciTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TracieTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TracyTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TracyTracy/TracyOld FrenchEnglish  
TravisTravisOld FrenchEnglishWords: cross#277
TyrellTyrrellOld FrenchEnglishWords: pull 
TyrrellTyrrellOld FrenchEnglishWords: pull 
VernaVernon/VernaOld FrenchEnglishWords: alder 
VernettaVernon/VernaOld FrenchEnglishWords: alder 
VernonVernon/VernaOld FrenchEnglish, IrishWords: alder 
WallaceWallaceOld FrenchEnglish, Scottish  
WarrenWarrenOld FrenchEnglishWords: game park, game reserve / Warni#385
YoselinJocelynOld FrenchEnglishWords: gaut