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Language Old English: Names And Words

Description:Old English, ancestor of modern English, since around 500 AD until around 1100 AD
Family/group:Germanic family
WordLanguageTranslationsName Groups
acOld Englishthe oakOakley, Oakley
aedelOld English Ethel
aelfOld Englishthe elfAlfred/Alfreda, Alvin, Elfriede
aescOld Englishthe ash (a tree)Ashley/Ashley, Ashton/Ashton, Nash
bailiOld Englishthe bailiff (an official at a court)Bailey/Bailey
baldOld Englishbold, braveBalthild
bealdOld Englishbold, braveKimball
beckOld Englishthe brookBecket
beoOld Englishthe beeBeowulf
beoforOld Englishthe beaverBeverly
beonetOld EnglishbentBentley/Bentley, Benton
beorhtOld EnglishbrightOsbert
beornanOld Englishto burnBrinley
bernedOld EnglishburntBrinley
blacOld EnglishpaleBlake/Blake
blaecOld EnglishblackBlake/Blake
bradOld EnglishbroadBradford, Bradley, Broderick
brocOld Englishthe brookBrooks/Brooke
broccOld Englishthe badger (a kind of animal)Brock
bromOld Englishthe broom (a plant)Brandon
brordOld Englishthe spear, the pike (a sharp point or spike)Willibrord
brycgOld Englishthe bridgeBristol
burgOld Englishthe fortressCyneburga
byreOld Englishthe cow shedsByron
caesterOld Englishthe Roman fortLester
cartOld Englishthe cartCarter, Carter
caruOld Englishthe careCorliss
cealcOld Englishthe chalk, the limestoneChelsea
ceneOld English Kenelm
ceolOld Englishthe shipKelsey/Kelsey
ceorlOld Englishthe peasant, the freeman (somebody with full citizen rights)Carlton
claegOld Englishthe clayClayton
clercOld Englishthe clericClark
clifOld Englishthe cliffClifford, Clifton, Clive
cnoccOld Englishthe round hillKnox
colOld Englishthe coal, blackCole, Colton
cyneOld EnglishroyalCyneburga, Kennard, Kenton, Kimball, Kinsey
cyningOld Englishthe kingKingsley, Kingston
daegOld Englishthe dayDaisy, Dawn
daelOld Englishthe dale, the valleyDale, Dalton, Kendall/Kendall
deagOld Englishthe dyeDexter
denuOld Englishthe valleyCamden, Dean/Deana, Denver, Holden
deoreOld EnglishdearDarwin
dragonOld Englishthe dragonDrake
dunOld Englishthe hill, the duneBrandon, Landon, Lyndon, Sheldon
dunnOld Englishdark-coloredDunstan
eadOld Englishthe wealthEdgar/Edgarda, Edith, Edmund/Edmonda, Edward/Eduarda, Edwin/Edwina
eageOld Englishthe eyeDaisy
ealdOld EnglisholdAlden, Elton
eastOld Englishthe eastEaston
eoforOld Englishthe boar (a male pig)Everleigh
eorlOld Englishthe nobleman, the warriorEarl/Earline
eyOld Englishthe wetlandLindsay/Lindsay
faeOld Englishthe fay, the fairyFaye
fennOld Englishthe fen (swamp)Vance
ferianOld Englishto carry, to transportDenver
fordOld Englishthe ford (shallow part of a river used for crossing it)Clifford, Ford, Rutherford
garOld Englishthe spearEdgar/Edgarda, Gary
giefuOld Englishthe giftSunniva
graegOld EnglishgreyGraham
grafOld English Grover
greyveOld Englishthe stewardGrayson
guageOld Englishthe gage (a measuring tool)Gage
gythOld Englishthe fight, the battleEdith
haefenOld Englishthe haven, the portHaven
haesOld Englishthe brushwood, the underwoodHayes
haethOld Englishthe heath (large area of uncultivated land)Hadley, Heath
hamOld Englishthe home, the houseBeckham, Graham
haraOld Englishthe hareHarlan, Harley/Harley
hathuOld Englishthe fight, the battleVillads
hearpeOld Englishthe harpHarper/Harper
hegOld Englishthe hay (dry grass)Hayley
hegeOld Englishthe hedgeHayes
helmOld English  
hereOld Englishthe army, the host (in the sense of a group of people)Harlow
hildOld Englishwar, the battleBalthild
hlawOld Englishthe hill, the moundHarlow
holhOld Englishthe hollow (the low part of a surface or a cave), the holeHolden
hramsanOld Englishthe wild garlicRamsey
hremmOld Englishthe ravenRemington
hreodOld English Ridley
hrodOld Englishthe fameRodney, Rohesia, Rowena
hrosOld Englishthe horseRohesia
hrycgOld Englishthe ridgeBroderick
hrytherOld English Rutherford
husOld Englishthe houseHouston
hwitOld EnglishwhiteWhitley, Whitney
hythOld Englishthe landing place, the harborChelsea
jagerOld Englishthe peddler, the carterJagger
keelOld Englishthe keelKelton
laegeOld Englishfallow (e.g. untilled farmland)Leland
landOld Englishthe landHarlan, Landrich/Landriche, Leland, Rylan/Rylan
laneOld Englishthe laneLane
langOld Englishlong, tallLandon, Langston
leacOld Englishthe leek (a vegetable)Layton/Layton
leahOld Englishthe wood (in the sense of forest), the clearing (open place within a wood), the meadowAinsley, Ashley/Ashley, Bentley/Bentley, Beverly, Bradley, Brinley, Everleigh, Hadley, Harley/Harley, Hayley, Henley, Huxley, Kimberley, Kingsley, Lawley, Lee/Lee, Marley/Marley, Oakley, Oakley, Presley, Ridley, Riley/Riley, Shelley, Shirley, Stanley, Wesley, Whitley
leasOld Englishfree from, without, lessCorliss
lindOld Englishthe lindenLyndon
macianOld Englishto make 
maedweOld Englishthe meadowMeadow