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Language Malay: Names And Words

Description:Malay, a language with variants spoken in several South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore
Hitparade series:Malaysia

Given names in Malay-speaking countries, i.e. Malaysia, Brunei, Singapur and Indonesia, are heavily influenced by Islam. Nevertheless there are also names of genuine Malay origin in use, and for many Arabic/Islamic names there are variants specific to regions where people speak Malay.

The following name list for the language Malay is a list of such names.

So far most of the candidates for names for my list came from these two pages: Behind the Name: Indonesian Names, Wiktionary: Appendix: Malay given names

However, I did not simply copy those lists, but independently checked each name myself, and furthermore took great care to list only names that are in actual use today, i.e. where I managed to find at least a handful of people on the Internet who carry the given name in question. Because of this rule I dropped names like e.g. Luncai, Tanggang, Perang or Demak from those lists.

Malay is one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth. You can find details about the language e.g. here in Wikipedia. Like the Philippine language of Tagalog Malay is a member of the Austronesian family of languages.

WordLanguageTranslationsName Groups
agangMalaylarge, great, majesticAgung
ahadMalaythe SundayAhad
awangMalaythe eldest sonAwang
ayuMalaypretty, beautifulAyu, Masayu
bagusMalaygood, excellentBagus
bambangMalaythe knightBambang
basukiMalayto prosper, to flourishBasuki
batariMalaythe goddessBatari
bayuMalaythe windBayu
bintangMalaythe starBintang/Bintang
buanaMalaythe earth, the worldBuana
budiMalaythe mind, the reason, the characterBudi, Budiharto
bujangMalaythe bachelorBujang
bulanMalaythe moonBulan
bungaMalaythe flowerBunga
cahayaMalaythe light, the radianceCahaya
cempakaMalaythe Frangipani (a tropical plant)Cempaka
cikMalaythe Miss (in the sense of young woman)Cik
cintaMalayto loveCinta
citraMalaythe pictureCitra
daraMalaythe young girl, the virginDara
dayangMalaythe maidenDayang
delimaMalaythe ruby, the pomegranate (a red fruit)Delima
dewiMalaythe goddessDewi
dianMalaythe candleDian/Dian
dinihariMalaythe dawnDinihari
emasMalaythe goldMasayu
fajarMalaythe dawnFajar
gunturMalaythe thunderGuntur
hariMalaythe dayDinihari
hartaMalaythe property, the wealth, the treasureBudiharto
harumMalaythe scent, fragrantHarum
indahMalaybeautiful, lovelyIndah
intanMalaythe diamondIntan, Surintan
isninMalaythe MondaySenin
jalakMalaythe starling (a kind of bird)Jalak
jayaMalaysuccessful, victoriousJaya
kartikaMalaythe Pleiades (a group of seven stars in the sky)Kartika
kasihMalaythe loveKasih
kecilMalaysmall, littleKechik
kembangMalaythe flower, the blossomKembang
kuntumMalaythe budKuntum
lestariMalayeternal, abidingLestari
mahaMalaygreatMahsuri, Megat
masMalaythe goldMasayu
mawarMalaythe roseMawar
mayangMalaythe palm blossomMayang
megaMalaythe cloudMega
melatiMalaythe jasmine (the plant/flower jasmine)Melati
melurMalaythe jasmine (the plant/flower jasmine)Melur
nilamMalaythe sapphire (a dark-blue gemstone)Nilam
nirmalaMalaypure, cleanNirmala
perwiraMalaythe hero, the officerPerwira
purnamaMalaythe full moonPurnama
puspaMalaythe flowerPuspa, Puspawati
puteraMalaythe princeAdiputera, Putera
puteriMalaythe princessAdiputeri, Puteri
putraMalaythe sonAdiputera, Putera
putriMalaythe daughterAdiputeri, Puteri
sabtuMalaythe SaturdaySabtu
sariMalaythe essenceSari
selasaMalaythe TuesdaySelasa
seninMalaythe MondaySenin
seriMalaythe splendor, the brightnessSeri
setiawanMalayfaithful, loyalSetiawan
slametMalaysafe, the securitySlamet
sulungMalayfirst, the eldestSulung
suriMalaythe queenMahsuri, Surintan
suriaMalaythe sunSuria, Suriani, Suriawati
tempaMalayto forge, to weldTempawan
tenukMalaythe tapirTenuk
terataiMalaythe lotus, the water lilyTeratai
tuahMalaythe luck, the fortune (in the sense of luck)Tuah
watiMalayfemalePuspawati, Suriawati, Wati
wiraMalaythe heroWira
zamrudMalaythe emerald (a green gemstone)Zamrud