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Language Japanese: Names And Words

Japanese names have some rather special features. A very brief explanation: Most Japanese given names are written in kanji, a script of Chinese origin where each single character stands for a whole word or concept. Most names have two kanji characters, some three, some only one.

If you see only the name written in kanji you do not yet know how it is pronounced because each kanji character has several possible pronounciations. The other way round is difficult as well: If you hear a name you cannot be sure how to write it in kanji. (Many names have several writings, with different meanings according to the actual kanji used.) To resolve such ambiguities the Japanese use Hiragana where the characters stand for syllables.

You can read more about Japanese baby names here. Other lists of Japanese given names are e.g. here and here.

If you see only "boxes" instead of Kanji and Hiragana characters in the name tables below the most likely reason is missing Unicode support in your browser and/or operating system. Some information about Unicode and how to add Unicode support can be found here.

In addition to the names, there are Japanese hitparades.

NameKanjiHiraganaMeaning/Translation or Related Words
Aiあいlove, affection
Aiko愛子あいこlove child
Aimi愛美あいみWords: love, affection / love, affection / beauty, beautiful
Airi愛莉あいりWords: love, affection / jasmine
Airi愛梨あいりWords: love, affection / pear tree
Akemi明美あけみbright and beautiful
Akio昭夫あきおmaybe shining man
Akiraあきらbright, light
Akiraあきらbright, Light
Amaya雨夜あまやnight rain
Ayaka彩花あやかmaybe colorful flower
Ayano彩乃あやのWords: color, coloring, paint / from
Beniko紅子べにこWords: red, vermilion / child
Chiyo千代ちよ1000 generations, eternal
Chiyoko千代子ちよこchild of 1000 generations
Daichi大地だいちearth, vast land
Daiki大樹だいきbig tree
Daiki大輝だいきlarge radiance
Daisuke大輔だいすけbig help
Eita瑛太えいたWords: crystal, luster / great, excellent, thick
Emi愛美えみWords: love, affection / beauty, beautiful
Emi恵美えみWords: blessing, kindness / beauty, beautiful
Fumiko文子ふみこWords: writing, sentence, literature / child / letter
Gouごうstrong, tough
Harukaはるかfar away
Haruto大翔はるとWords: big, great, large / soar, fly
Haruto陽翔はるとWords: sun, sunshine / soar, fly
Haruto陽斗はるとWords: sun, sunshine / sake dipper, Big Dipper
Hayato隼人はやとWords: falcon / person
Hiroki大樹ひろきbig tree
Hiroko弘子ひろこmaybe magnanimous child
Hiroto大翔ひろとWords: big, great, large / soar, fly
Hitomiひとみpupil of the eye, eye
Isamuいさむcourage, bravery
Kaito海斗かいとWords: sea / sake dipper, Big Dipper
Kaoriかおりfragrance, aroma, perfume
Kasumiかすみmist, fog
Kazuki一樹かずき1 tree
Kazuko和子かずこpeace child
Kazumi和美かずみharmony and beauty
Kazuya和也かずやWords: harmony, peace / be
Keiko慶子けいこhappy child
Keisuke恵介けいすけWords: blessing, kindness / between
Kenta健太けんたWords: healthy, health / great, excellent, thick
Kenzo健三けんぞうWords: healthy, health / three
Kiriko桐子きりこWords: paulownia / child
Kiyoshiきよしclear, clean
Koharu心春こはるWords: heart, spirit, soul / spring
Kotarou虎太郎こたろうWords: tiger / great, excellent, thick / son, boy
Kouhei康平こうへいmaybe calm peace
Kumiko久美子くみこlong time beautiful child
Makotoまことsincerity, truth
Makotoまことsincerity, truth
Mami真美まみtrue beauty
Mana愛菜まなWords: love, affection / vegetables
Manabuまなぶmaybe studious
Masahiro正博まさひろWords: correct, justice, righteous / Dr., gamble, wide
Masao正男まさおrighteous man
Masaruまさるvictory, win
Mayumi真弓まゆみmaybe true bow
Megumiめぐみblessing, kindness
Mei芽依めいWords: bud, sprout / rely on
Minatoみなとport, harbor
Minoruみのるfruit, seed
Misaki美咲みさきbeautiful blossom
Miu美羽みうbeautiful feather
Miyu美優みゆWords: beauty, beautiful / excellent, superior
Miyu心優みゆWords: heart, spirit, soul / excellent, superior
Moeもえbud, sprout
Nanami七海ななみseven seas
Naoki直樹なおきstraight tree
Naoko直子なおこWords: straight, erect, honesty / child
Naomi直美なおみWords: straight, erect, honesty / beauty, beautiful
Natsuki夏希なつきsummer hope
Nobuのぶprolong, delay
Noriko法子のりこWords: method, law, rule / child
OsamuおさむWords: study, repair, cultivate
Reika麗華れいかlovely flower
Riko莉子りこWords: jasmine / child
Rikuりくland; 6
Ryoりょうcool, refreshing
Ryunosuke龍之介りゅうのすけWords: dragon / this / between
Saburo三郎さぶろthird son
Sachiko幸子さちこchild of happiness
Sadako貞子さだこchild of chastity
Sadako禎子さだこWords: lucky, auspicious / child
Saki咲希さきWords: blossom / hope
Sakuraさくらcherry blossom
Satsukiさつき5th month