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Language German: Names And Words

Description:modern German
Family/group:Germanic family
Hitparade series:Austria, Austria First, Austria prevalence, Austria/Vienna, Germany, Germany First, Germany prevalence, Germany/Düsseldorf, Germany/East, Germany/Frankfurt, Germany/Munich, Germany/West, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Switzerland prevalence, Switzerland/German, Switzerland/Zurich
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2018
LeonhardLeonhard/LeonardaOld High GermanGerman, EnglishWords: lion / brave, hardy 
LeoniLeo/LeonieLatinGermanthe lion 
LeonidLeonid/LeonidaOld GreekGerman, Russianson of Léon, son of the lion 
LeonieLeo/LeonieLatinGermanthe lion 
LeonoraEleonoraOld ProvençalGerman, Italian, AlbanianWords: foreign 
LeonoreEleonoraOld ProvençalGermanWords: foreign 
LeontinaLeontinaLatinGerman, Italianlike a lion 
LeontineLeontinaLatinGermanlike a lion 
LeopoldLeopold/LeopoldineOld High GermanGermanWords: people / bold, brave 
LeopoldineLeopold/LeopoldineOld High GermanGermanWords: people / bold, brave 
LeslieLeslie/LeslieOld IrishGerman, EnglishWords: garden / holly#520
LeslieLeslie/LeslieOld IrishGerman, EnglishWords: garden / holly 
LeviLeviHebrewGerman, English, Hebrewmaybe joined to#33
LevinLiebwin/LivinaOld High GermanGerman, Low GermanWords: dear, beloved / friend 
LevkeLeefkeGermanGerman, Low GermanWords: dear, beloved 
LexAlexander/AlexandraOld GreekGerman, Englishhe who wards off (other) men, defender of men 
LiaLeahHebrewGerman, Portuguese, Italianwild cow; weary,tired#246
LianLianGermanGerman #988
LianaJulian/JulianaLatinGerman, French, English #486
LianeJulian/JulianaLatinGerman, French, English  
LiasElijah/ElianeHebrewGermanmy god is Yahweh 
LidiaLydiaOld GreekGerman, Englishwoman from Lydia 
LidwinaLudwinaOld High GermanGerman, DutchWords: people / friend 
LiebgardLiebgardOld High GermanGermanWords: dear, beloved / fence, enclosure, protection 
LiebhardLiebhardOld High GermanGermanWords: dear, beloved / brave, hardy 
LiebtrudLiebtrudOld High GermanGermanWords: dear, beloved / strength, power 
LiebwinLiebwin/LivinaOld High GermanGermanWords: dear, beloved / friend 
LienhardLeonhard/LeonardaOld High GermanGermanWords: lion / brave, hardy 
LiesaElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LiesbethElizabethHebrewGerman, DutchMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LieschenElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LieseElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LieselElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LiliElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LilianaLilianOld EnglishGerman, Englishmaybe lily#109
LilianeLilianOld EnglishGermanmaybe lily 
LilithLilithAkkadianGerman #520
LilliElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LinaLinaGermanGerman #758
LinardLinardUnknownGerman, Rhaeto-Romanic  
LindaLindaOld High GermanGerman, EnglishWords: gentle, friendly#726
LindeLindeOld High GermanGermanWords: gentle, friendly 
LinnLindaOld High GermanGerman, EnglishWords: gentle, friendly 
LinnartLeonhard/LeonardaOld High GermanGermanWords: lion / brave, hardy 
LinneaLinnéaScandinavianGerman, Scandinavian, English  
LinnéaLinnéaScandinavianGerman, Scandinavian, English  
LinusLinusOld GreekGerman, EnglishWords: mourn, grief 
LioLeo/LeonieLatinGermanthe lion 
LiobaLiobaOld High GermanGermanWords: dear, beloved 
LisaElizabethHebrewGerman, Italian, Dutch, English, FrenchMy God is abundance; My God has sworn #886
LisbethElizabethHebrewGermanMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LiseElizabethHebrewGerman, FrenchMy God is abundance; My God has sworn  
LiudgerLudger/LudgeraOld High GermanGermanWords: people / spear 
LivLivOld NorseGerman, ScandinavianWords: protection / life#683
LiviaLivius/LiviaLatinGerman, Italian #675
LoisAlois/AloisiaOld FrenchGermanWords: very, most / wise, wise 
LokiLokiOld NorseGerman, EnglishWords: bend, break 
LonaLeo/LeonieLatinGermanthe lion 
LonaApollonius/ApolloniaOld GreekGerman  
LoneLeo/LeonieLatinGermanthe lion 
LoreEleonoraOld ProvençalGermanWords: foreign 
LoredanaLoredanaItalianGerman, ItalianWords: laurel grove 
LoreleiLoreleyOld High GermanGerman, EnglishWords: ambush, lure / cliff, schistous cliff#472
LoreleyLoreleyOld High GermanGerman, EnglishWords: ambush, lure / cliff, schistous cliff 
LorenzLaurence/LauraLatinGermanWords: laurel 
LorinaLaurence/LauraLatinGermanWords: laurel 
LornaLornaEnglishGerman, English  
LotharLotharOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / army, warrior 
LotteKarl/Charlotte/CarlaOld High GermanGermanWords: man, husband 
LottiKarl/Charlotte/CarlaOld High GermanGermanWords: man, husband 
LouiseLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGerman, English, FrenchWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war#800
LovisLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LuciaLucius/LuciaLatinGerman, Italian, Scandinavian, Englishthe bright; born at daybreak#183
LucienneLucius/LuciaLatinGerman, Frenchthe bright; born at daybreak 
LucillaLucius/LuciaLatinGerman, Spanish, Italianthe bright; born at daybreak 
LuciusLucius/LuciaLatinGerman, Englishthe bright; born at daybreak 
LudewigLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LudgerLudger/LudgeraOld High GermanGerman, Dutch, Low GermanWords: people / spear 
LudgeraLudger/LudgeraOld High GermanGermanWords: people / spear 
LudmillaLudmillaOld SlavicGerman, EnglishWords: people / dear, gracious 
LudolfLudolfOld High GermanGermanWords: people / wolf 
LudovicaLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGerman, Italian, LatinizedWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LudovikaLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LudowikaLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LudwigLudwig/LouiseOld High GermanGermanWords: loud, famous / fight, battle, war 
LudwinaLudwinaOld High GermanGerman, PolishWords: people / friend