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Language Albanian: Names And Words

Description:modern Albanian, the language of the European country Albania on the Balkans
Hitparade series:Albania, Albania prevalence

Websites and pages about Albanian given names are still rare on the the Internet and offer mostly only simple name lists without any information about meanings and origins, like e.g. the following list. Thus this page here with Albanian names plus information about many of them is special.

Some of the names made it into the hitparade of the 700 most frequent names for newborns in Switzerland in the year 1997 (female: Switzerland 1997, male: Switzerland 1997). These names are probably quite frequent as well in Albania, in Kosovo and other regions where Albanians live.

WordLanguageTranslationsName Groups
afrimAlbanianthe approachAfrim
agimAlbanianthe dawnAgim
agonAlbanianthe dawnAgon
arAlbanianthe goldArdit/Ardita, Arian/Arjana, Arjeta, Arlind, Arlinda, Armend, Arta, Besart/Besarta, Earta, Rezart/Rezarta
ardhjenAlbanianthe futureArdian/Ardiana
arëAlbanianthe land, the fieldArbër/Arbërie
arsimAlbanianthe educationArsim
bardhëAlbanianwhiteBardh, Bardhyl
bashkimAlbanianthe union, the allianceBashkim
beharAlbanianthe summerBehar
bekimAlbanianthe benediction, the blessingBekim
besëAlbanianthe faith, to trustBesian/Besjana
besimAlbanianthe belief, the faithBesim, Besmir
besnikAlbanianfaithful, loyalBesnik
betimAlbanianthe oathBetim
betohemAlbanianto swearBetim
blerimAlbanianthe greenery, the verdure (the green of plants and leaves)Blerim, Blerina, Blerta
borëAlbanianthe snowBora
bukuriAlbanianthe beautyBukuroshe
burimAlbanianthe source, the fountainBurim
çlirojAlbanianto liberate, to releaseClirim
dardhaAlbanianthe pearDardan/Dardana
dëfrimAlbanianthe entertainment, the funDëfrim
delmeAlbanianthe sheepDalmat
detiAlbanianblue, the seaOdeta, Valdete
diellAlbanianthe sunDiellza
ditaAlbanianthe dayAfërdita, Ardit/Ardita, Ditmir, Lindita
donAlbanianthe will, the desireDonjeta, Liridon/Liridona
dritaAlbanianthe lightDritan/Drita
dritëAlbanianthe light, the shineEndrit/Endrita
duaAlbanianto loveDua, Edon/Edona
engjëllAlbanianthe angelEngjëll
erëAlbanianthe wind, the scent, the odorErion, Ermir/Ermira
fatAlbanianthe luck, the fortune (in the sense of luck), the destinyFatima, Fatjon/Fatjona, Fatlind/Fatlinda, Fatmir/Fatmire
fatlumAlbanianfortunate, luckyFatlum
fatmirëAlbanianlucky, happyFatmir/Fatmire
festimAlbanianthe celebrationFestim
fisnikAlbaniangenerous, noble, gallantFisnik
fitimAlbanianthe gain, the profitFitim
fitoreAlbanianthe victoryFitore
flamurAlbanianthe flagFlamur
fluturAlbanianthe butterflyFlutura
fluturojAlbanianto flyFlutura
gazmendAlbanianthe joyGazmend
gëzimAlbanianthe joyGezim/Gezime
gëzojAlbanianto enjoyEgzon/Egzona, Egzonjeta
i lirëAlbanianto be freeElira, Ilir
janAlbanianare (as a form of to be: We are)Arian/Arjana
jehonëAlbanianthe echoJehona
jetëAlbanianthe lifeArjeta, Donjeta, Egzonjeta, Jetmir, Jeton, Luljeta, Mirjeta
jonAlbanianIonian (from the ancient Greek people, the Ionians)Jonida
jonëAlbanianourErion, Fatjon/Fatjona
kreshnikAlbanianthe knightKreshnik
kujtesaAlbanianthe memoryKujtesa
kujtimeAlbanianthe recollection, the memoirsKujtim/Kujtime
kushtimAlbanianthe dedication, the devotionKushtim
kushtrimAlbanianthe slogan, the battle cryKushtrim
lavdAlbanianto praise, to laudLavdrim
ledhatojAlbanianto caressLedion
lëndinaAlbanianthe meadowLëndina
lindAlbanianto give birthArlind
lindjeAlbanianthe east, the birthArlinda, Lindita, Majlinda, Mirlind/Mirlinda, Rilind/Rilinda
liriAlbanianthe freedomLiridon/Liridona
lisAlbanianthe oakLis
luanAlbanianthe lionLuan/Luana
luftarakAlbanianbellicose, militantLuftar
luleAlbanianthe flowerLule, Luljeta
lulëzimAlbanianthe blooming, the floweringLulëzim/Lulëzime
lumturiAlbanianthe happinessLumturi
majAlbanianMay (the month of May)Majlinda
marsAlbanianMarch (the month of March)Marsela
mendAlbanianthe mindArmend
mirëAlbaniangoodBesmir, Ditmir, Ermir/Ermira, Fatmir/Fatmire, Jetmir, Mirjeta, Mirlind/Mirlinda, Valmir/Valmira, Zamir/Zamira
nderimAlbanianhonor, the respectNderim
pëllumbAlbanianthe dovePëllumb
përparimAlbanianthe progressPerparim
petritAlbanianthe sparrowhawk (a bird of prey)Petrit
pranveraAlbanianthe springPranvera
prekAlbanianto touchPrek
qëndresëAlbanianthe resistance, the endurance, the standQendrim
rilindAlbanianthe reincarnation, the rebirthRilind/Rilinda
rinorAlbanianadolescent, youthfulRinor
rrezeAlbanianthe ray, the ray of lightRezart/Rezarta
shkëlqimAlbanianthe brillianceShkelqim, Shkëlzen
shpendAlbanianthe bird, the poultryShpend
shpëtimAlbanianthe rescue, the salvationShpëtim
shpresëAlbanianthe hopeShpresa
shqiponjaAlbanianthe eagleShqiponja
skuadërAlbanianthe teamShkodran
sokolAlbanianthe falconSokol
trimAlbanianbrave, courageousLeotrim, Leutrim