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Most Popular Names Frankfurt 2009

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany, 2009
Source:Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Standesamt
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Alina (new at 23),  Greta (new at 29),  Marlene (new at 29)
Largest rises:Clara +8 (now at 18),  Emily +5 (now at 21),  Emma +4 (now at 7),  Amelie +3 (now at 25),  Lena +3 (now at 14)
Largest falls:Sara -9 (now at 25),  Sarah -8 (now at 22),  Victoria -7 (now at 28),  Mia -3 (now at 8),  Johanna -3 (now at 11)

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1Marieup 1Graph
1Sophie Graph
3Maria Graph
4Anna Graph
5Charlotteup 2Graph
6Katharina Graph
7Emmaup 4Graph
8Mia    down 3Graph
9Elisabethup 1Graph
10Laraup 2Graph
11Johanna    down 3Graph
11Sophia    down 3Graph
13Emilia    down 1Graph
14Lenaup 3Graph
15Lina    down 1Graph
16Lauraup 1Graph
17Juliaup 2Graph
18Claraup 8Graph
19Leaup 1Graph
20Helenaup 1Graph
21Emilyup 5Graph
22Sarah    down 8Graph
23Alinanew Graph
23Luiseup 1Graph
25Amelieup 3Graph
25Sara    down 9Graph
27Hannahup 1Graph
28Victoria    down 7Graph
29Gretanew Graph
29Marlenenew Graph