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Most Popular Names Frankfurt 2002

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany, 2002
Source:Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Standesamt
Following list:2003
Previous list:2001
Highest new entries:Jakob (new at 21),  Noah (new at 25),  Vincent (new at 26),  Julius (new at 28),  Ben (new at 30)
Largest rises:Felix +10 (now at 6),  Elias +10 (now at 13),  Tom +8 (now at 19),  Luca +8 (now at 10),  Jonas +3 (now at 19)
Largest falls:Niklas -15 (now at 23),  Benjamin -12 (now at 29),  Johannes -6 (now at 26),  Lukas -5 (now at 16),  Moritz -4 (now at 16)

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1Alexander Graph
2Paulup 1Graph
3Maximilian    down 1Graph
4David Graph
5Leon Graph
6Felixup 10Graph
7Daniel    down 1Graph
8Tim    down 2Graph
9Jan Graph
10Lucaup 8Graph
10Sebastian Graph
12Philippup 2Graph
13Eliasup 10Graph
14Julian    down 1Graph
15Christian Graph
16Lukas    down 5Graph
16Moritz    down 4Graph
18Florianup 2Graph
19Jonasup 3Graph
19Tomup 8Graph
21Jakobnew Graph
22Simon    down 3Graph
23Niklas    down 15Graph
24Luisup 1Graph
25Noahnew Graph
26Johannes    down 6Graph
26Vincentnew Graph
28Juliusnew Graph
29Benjamin    down 12Graph
30Bennew Graph