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Name Group Phoebe

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Group info:
Meaning/translation:bright, pure
Language of origin:Old Greek
Info about origin:Latin form of the Greek name Phoibe, an epithet of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon
 in the Bible a Christian woman Phoebe is mentioned in Paul's epistle to the Romans
Words:phoibos = bright, pure  Old Greek
Topics:Greek mythology, New Testament
Variants' top ranks:22:Phoebe England+Wales 2015,  47:Febe Belgium 2004
Somehow related to:Phoebus
Name variants:

All variants, grouped by language of use

LanguageFemale VariantsMale Variants
GermanPhöbe, Phoebe 
Old GreekPhoibe 
Name variants:

4 female name variants, sorted by name and gender

NameLanguages of Use
PhoebeGerman, English
PhoibeOld Greek