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Name Group Lennox/Lennox

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Group info:
Meaning/translation:field on the river Leven
Language of origin:Scottish
Info about origin, male:use of a Scottish family/clan name as a given name
 the family name derives from the Scottish county Lennox
 the original name of the county was Levenach, from the river Leven which flows there
 the name of the river derives from Welsh llyfn and means smooth, placid
Words:ach = the field  Scottish
 llyfn = smooth, placid  Welsh
Topics:Family name, Geographic name, Interesting
Variants' top ranks:174:Lennox Switzerland/German 2014,  716:Lennox USA 2016
Name variants:

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LanguageFemale VariantsMale Variants
Scottish Lennox
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NameLanguages of Use
LennoxEnglish, Scottish