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Welcome to BabyNames.ch!

You have reached the website of a Swiss given name enthusiast who will try hard to infect you with some enthusiasm about that subject too. BabyNames.ch is not a mostly static website with just some basic search and browsing thrown in, but a web application with fast-growing functionality. Enjoy!

Letter N Names

More than 12'000, with meaning and origin, from all over the world

Letter S

15 different properties to specify for finding the perfect baby name

Letter L

Over 100 of them, including Albanian, Tagalog and Malay

Letter T

Nearly 50 naming topics, like New Testament, Animals, Plants, Greek mythology and Asteroid

Letter M

iPhone, Android, Opera Mini all welcome

Letter J

Popular Japanese names, complete with kanji and hiragana writing

Letter P
Most Popular

Most popular baby names from nearly 50 countries, provinces and cities

Letter F

Chat with the NameGuru, combine letters into names, check numerology and take the given name quiz

BabyNames.ch is also available as a Facebook app at http://apps.facebook.com/babynames_ch/: Same stock of names, but simpler info. For following developments here or for contacting the author you can use the BabyNames.ch Facebook Facebook page or send an e-mail directly to rbrunner@dreamshare.ch.